Early Childhood and Primary School Author Visits

Introducing Erin Devlin

Introducing Erin Devlin

  • Founder/owner of The Kiwi Puppet Company
  • Children's Author
  • Puppet Creator/Performer
  • Storyteller/Songwriter
  • Workshop Presenter

Visiting schools and pre-schools in her role as children's author and puppet performer whilst bringing her stories to life for thousands of New Zealand children has been the highlight of Erin's creative life.

Kiwi kids throughout New Zealand have shared and enacted with Erin and her troupe of puppets as she's performed her thought provoking (but fun) environmental stories.

Organising Author Visits

Erin Devlin - Author School Visits

Author visits are tailored to individual levels. Enquire about booking Erin for a author visit to your school.

For many years Erin Devlin of The Kiwi Puppet Company has supplied her unique wildlife puppets and childrenʼs books to schools and early childhood institutions around New Zealand. The highlight for Erin in recent times has  been entertaining thousands of kiwi kids with fun environmental puppet performances, which she has based on two of her popular NZ stories, As Kuku Slept, Good Morning, Good Night and Oh, No Mister Possum.

Wanting to add a bit of ʻzingʼ to her conservation messages she wrote and recorded ʻThe Possum Songʼ CD followed by her latest book ʻOh No Mister Possumʼ (which includes a CD of this song). Mister Possum and Erinʼs other puppets, books and CDʼs can be found either by visiting her website or in selected stores around New Zealand.

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Early Childhood Interactive Puppet Shows

Interactive puppet showPuppet Play! A fun-tastic way to learn about our natural world.

A 35-45 minute interactive show, includes a "photo opportunity" at the end of the performance for the children with Big Kiwi.

To warm up, before the main act begins, Erin shares some of her little puppets with the children as they enjoy playing and singing along to familiar songs. This fun atmosphere sets the mood for the children to feel part of the show, and is promptly followed by a kiwi flavoured interactive puppet performance and story telling with Erin and "Big Kiwi". (This is the themed part of the show, and never fails to delight and surprise the children!)

Erin arrives 10-15 minutes before the show is due to begin to prepare the scene with her unique New Zealand bush props.

If you'd like Erin and her troupe of amazing puppet friends to visit you for a fun filled environmental puppet show, contact Erin today.